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Home Cleaning Secrets Revealed!

clean bathroomAt Posh Home, our professional, highly-skilled maids have cleaned hundreds, even thousands of homes. So through the years, they have picked up some secrets to quickly and efficiently cleaning houses from top to bottom so that they look neat and orderly without using a single wasted movement.

Now, for the first time, Posh Home is going to reveal some of the insider housekeeping secrets that allow us to clean your home thoroughly in record time.

Maid Service Boca Raton — Where to Start

When the housecleaners from Posh Home enter a new home that needs to be cleaned, they start in the same spot every time, usually an upper corner of the room on the sunniest wall. Then they work their way down and away from this spot, cleaning walls, floors and anything else in the room until everything is as orderly as it should be.

Starting from the same spot every time helps create a routine that can be repeated over and over again, regardless of the home, space, or cleaning job.

Maid Service Boca Raton — Maintaining Standards

Another professional house cleaning secret has to do with standards. There are certain things we do the same way every time, such as the way we fold the hand towels next to your bathroom sink, or the way we install a new roll of toilet paper.

Having a defined set of cleaning standards helps the cleaner to understand exactly what needs to be done every time. There’s never any doubt about the way any particular room in your house once they are done because they should always look exactly the same in every house.

Maid Service Boca Raton — Bathrooms Are Top Priority

Although the maids at Posh Home will thoroughly clean every room in your house, expect them to give extra time and attention to the bathroom. That’s because the bathroom is usually the first place our clients look to see how well we have cleaned their home.

If the bathroom is shiny, spic and span, and smells fresh, it’s a good bet that the rest of the house is just as clean.



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